Here are what clients have to say…

My experience with Julie-Ann has been transformative. Her counsel is not just about finding answers — it is about re-framing the questions. With her help I was finally able to focus in on what I was looking for, and re-define what purpose and success meant for me. Your sessions with Julie Ann won’t be filled with so so advice or run of the mill psycho analysis — she’ll challenge you with a conscious deep wisdom designed to illuminate a path you didn’t even realize was there. It isn’t an easy road, but it is so worth walking.

Producer/Reporter, Internationally syndicated TV program Los Angeles, USA.

Julie-Ann has been a highly effective source in helping me to advance on both a professional as well as personal level. She differentiates herself from the rest of the herd by quickly sizing up a situation, your strengths and potential, and any ‘roadblocks’ that are keeping you from reaching your personal best.
Her methods, for me, have produced confidence and achievement. From my experience, I highly recommend Julie-Ann.

Director, Global Investment Bank.
London, UK.

By working with Julie-Ann she was able to help me see the bigger picture and also to drill down into the detail. Enormously helpful, encouraging, and upbeat, she was never in a habit of mincing words. In a non-judgmental way, she told me how it is. And I liked her direct approach. A rare find. Thank you.

Managing Director, Investment Bank.
New York, USA.

Working with Julie-Ann is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself! She leverages a brilliant mind, intuition, and a truly kind heart to provide immense value to her clients. I find her to be insightful, direct, experienced, practical, grounded and yet profoundly spiritual. If you are looking for rocket fuel for your growth, look no more! If you are ready to break thru the glass ceiling you have found a resource you can’t afford to be without. If you are inauthentic about changing or deeply attached to your “story”, she is not the match for you. Julie-Ann is a rare find, possessing great business acumen, deep psychological insight, and a way of relating to life that elicits the very best of what we are capable of achieving.

CEO, Healthcare practice
Los Angeles, USA

I was a skeptic of things like this in the past, questioning the value of such services. Based on a recommendation of a trusted friend, I decided to contact Julie-Ann. Best decision I made. She really does bring a new perspective to work and life. The geographic and cultural differences did not seem to matter. She’s worked in the industry and gets it. Julie-Ann has been of great help to me and my business.

PM, hedge fund,
Mumbai, India