Altitude Strategy

The traditional approach to life strategy has outlived its effective period. We offer a new solution that is more fulfilling and authentic as it recognizes the new challenges that individuals and institutions face, particularly after the financial crisis. We call it the Altitude Strategy ™.

Many of our clients initially felt overwhelmed, relying on traditional stress management techniques, while effective for many, did not address their unique difficulties in the new financial order.

By applying the Altitude Strategy ™ we offer an elevated perspective from where clients can see their lives anew and empower them to make better choices and live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

I have an analytical framework from my professional experience and a psychological understanding from in-depth training which gives me insight into the underlying causes of discontent and disenchantment.  This allows me to help clients gain a truer understanding of where they stand in business and in life. – Julie-Ann Tathem

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